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Irishtown Nature Park In Dublin: All About The Park

Image by Giuseppe Milo – CC BY 3.0,

Have you heard about Irishtown Nature Park in Dublin?

The park that is located in in Dublin 4, not too far from central Dublin. In the 70s, the location of the Irishtown Nature Park was actually an area where people dumped a lot of rubble, so it was a rubbish dump, however Sandymount and Merrion Residents Association had the idea of ​​turning this environment into an environmental reserve. In the 1980s, about 30 trucks loaded with archaeological remains were placed in the place where the park is located today.

How to get there

With it’s relatively central location the park  has easy access even for those who do not have a car, being possible to reach the place by train or bus.

To go by bus, lines 1, 18 and 47 arrive at the place and to go by train you can take the Commuter Service or Dart. Of course, everything will depend on the starting location, which may vary, the ideal is to put it in an application that can give you the correct route and also the one that takes less time to the place.

The closest stations to the location are Dromard Terrace, Stop 375 (by bus) and Sandymount, Lansdowne Road, The Point (by train).

Fauna and Flora

It is a perfect place for those who like to watch birds, as different types of birds appear throughout the year. In addition, the local flora is very diverse and includes exotic species, which makes the park especially beautiful.


Despite being a relatively small park, the trails through Irishtown Nature Park can offer many routes to explore the site, the most important trail there is the shoreline, where you can see the Sandymount Strand, but there are other smaller paths where it is it is possible to see up close and be in contact with the abundant vegetation while exercising, although they are easy paths.

Now that you know more about this park, just plan your trip and explore the natural beauty that it has to offer. 

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