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5 Places To Take Photos In Dublin

dublin bridge

The capital of Ireland is a beautiful city with lots of different points to explore, but everyone knows that. However, those who like to publish photos on Instagram among other social networks always wonder what are the best places to visit and take good photos. So here are some tips on unique places in the city of Dublin that will make your feed even more beautiful!

Poolbeg Lighthouse

Located at the end of the Great South Wall (which is one of the biggest walls in Europe) the lighthouse is practically in the center of Dublin Bay and was built in the year 1768. The place is very attractive for its beauty and differentiated landscape, in photographs the contrast the red color makes any photo especially beautiful.


Grand Canal Square

The Grand Canal Dock square was designed by Martha Schwartz, an American landscape architect. With modernity in the air, it is very clear that the place is a perfect setting to take good pictures, just find the best angle to make the record.

grand canal dublin
Grand Canal Dock
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Howth Cliffs

A very exotic place and full of incredible scenery, the stone path in Howth is perfect for taking pictures from all angles, as the scenery leaves anyone in awe. It is possible to see the blue of the sea, birds flying and nature in general. Probably any photo taken in this view will look good.

Howth Cliffs
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Front Square, Trinity College

Trinity College Dublin is the oldest university in Dublin and was the place where several important people graduated, some of them: Oscar Wilde, Bram Stoker and John Millington Synge. The place has old 18th century buildings around it, which makes the place look very historic, so perfect for recording.

Front Square, Trinity College
Front Square, Trinity College

Temple Bar

A classic that could not be missing! All tourists who travel to Dublin go to the Temple Bar to visit, as it is very famous. Many say that in fact the pub is overrated, that the place is very expensive and always very crowded, making visits not always very pleasant. However, its appearance on the outside is really very interesting since it has strong colors and a special charm. So why not register?

Temple Bar
Temple Bar

Agora você já sabe como garantir pelo menos 5 fotos lindas para o seu feed do Instagram e de quebra já entendeu um pouco mais sobre cada local. Não se esqueça de checar esses lugares na sua próxima visita a Dublin.

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