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8 Super Eccentric AirBnbs For You To Stay In Ireland

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Traveling is always a great idea for those who like to get out of the rut and enjoy a different place. Each person has his / her style of travel that can go from a big city to somewhere more isolated just to rest and get out of the hectic daily life. Something super important to consider in any of the situations is the accommodation you will be staying in, as this can change an entire experience on a trip.

We know that on the AirBnb platform it is possible to find different places to stay, from the simplest to the most luxurious, from the most basic to the most eccentric. See these 8 super charming accommodations listed on AirBnb to stay in Ireland.

  1. Medieval Tower in Drogheda

Less than 15 minutes from the center of this city, this accommodation brings a historic air to your stay, after all it is a medieval tower. This site was built in 1858 and was recently restored, but guaranteed to continue with the same style as the original construction. Two nights for 4 people costs approximately 575 Euros.

  1. Hobbits’ Hut

You thought you had seen everything, right? How about living a few days like hobbits, in this hosting you can! Located in Castlebar , these cottages accommodate up to 4 people and have facilities such as a sauna, whirlpool and a bar. Two nights for 4 people costs 360 Euros.

3. Mini House

Often less is more! How about a very small cottage in Brittas Bay in County Wicklow? With modernity and comfort this little house has everything that anyone could want, views of the mountains, location close to the beach and a lot of peace! The accommodation is perfect for couples, as it can only accommodate up to 2 people. Two nights for a couple costs about 399 euros.

4. Chic Seaside Studio

A little luxury doesn’t hurt anyone, this lovely studio in Kinsale, Cork will delight anyone. Located in one of the most coveted areas of the city, the studio has a beautiful view of the sea and a great balcony perfect for sunbathing in the summer. In addition, it is very well equipped and bright. Two nights for a couple is 628 Euros.

  1. Luxury Capsule

This small capsule accommodation is located in an area of a farm in Beaufort, in the county of Kerry, in the South of Ireland. Each capsule holds up to 4 people and is a great place for those who want to enjoy the tranquility and peace they are looking for. The place offers breakfast with local produce from the farm and also has a barbecue area. Two nights for 4 people are 320 euros.

6. Country House Cottage

Family trip? Such a country house will make everyone happy! This house in Tralee, County Kerry, has a very special charm. With its leaves and flowers on the outside the house draws a lot of attention with its beauty, it holds up to 4 people, so it is perfect for a small family or 2 couples of friends. The location is great for exploring the region, from the beaches to the trails. The price is also good, 2 nights for 4 people for about 302 euros.

7. The Baby House

One more in front of the sea! A beautiful view never hurts, right? This lovely home is in Carlingford, Co. Louth. Its location is perfect as it is both close to the village and to the sea. The house accommodates up to 3 people and two nights is 382 euros.

8. Faithlegg Lodge

Now that’s luxury! If your trip is for a group of friends, this may be a good option. This property located in Waterford has everything you can imagine and more: cinema, jacuzzi, swimming pool and even mini golf. The place holds up to 8 people and costs about 1221 euros for 2 nights, which ends up being cheap for each guest, about 153 euros.

So, what will be your reservation for the next trip?

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