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6 Irish Pubs to visit in Sao Paulo

Irish pub sao paulo

The most populous city in Brazil has a wide variety of all types of establishments imaginable, including plenty of Irish pubs. Whether you are an Irishman away from home or a Brazilian longing for Ireland, this list of Irish pubs in São Paulo will help to quench the longing for Ireland.


Finnegan’s was the first Irish pub created in Brazil, founded in 1988. The pub located in Pinheiros ensures that Irish traditions are very active in the city of São Paulo, celebrating St. Patricks Days and Bloomsday for example. The name of the place is inspired by Joyce’s work “Finnegan’s Wake”, which was published in 1939.

The pub “self-describes” as a place for foreigners to miss their country’s pubs or even for people who would like to know more about the pubs to visit. The place is perfect for those who appreciate Blues and Rock’n roll, there you can find imported beers like: Guinness, London Pride, Old Speckled Hen, Paulaner weiss and Brooklyn IPA. And of course, also national beers. The menu has a variation of snacks and sandwiches.


This pub located in Jardim Paulista has an extensive menu full of Brazilian, Mexican and Irish food, of course! In fact, if you are looking for a good Irish breakfast, there you will find it. Dishes range from soups, hamburgers to more elaborate dishes. The drinks are diverse, but the most important thing is to know that you can find Irish whiskeys, as well as beers not only from Ireland but also from other countries like Germany, England and Belgium. The decoration of the whole place refers to Ireland and to enter there is a dresscode. The place makes it very clear that it does not charge 10% fees for services, but that they would accept a good tip.


Dublin Live Music

This pub was opened in 2002 at Vila Olímpia in São Paulo. The proposal of the pub is to mix the characteristic Irish pub with the Brazilian swing. The drinks menu serves all typical Irish drinks such as whiskey and beers, while the food menu is very varied and has Brazilian, Irish specialties, among others. The whole pub was built inspired by Irish pubs and the atmosphere is very cozy.

St. Johns Irish Pub

Opened in 2004 in the neighborhood of Tatuapé, São Paulo, the pub is inspired by authentic Irish pubs, featuring typical foods, typical decor, as well as sports-related programs. The beer menu ranges from national as well as international beers, such as from Ireland, England, Germany, Austria, Belgium, among others. The foods are also not to be desired, and it is possible to find foods of different nationalities, as well as Brazilian ones.

Louie Louie

The small pub located in Brooklin, unlike the pubs mentioned above, has a menu with fewer options for both beers and meals, but it is ideal for those who want to eat a good hamburger and enjoy a Guinness, or maybe even a whiskey. Local bands perform and also broadcast different sports such as rugby, which is not always broadcast everywhere.

The Blue Pub

This pub located in the Bela Vista neighborhood was born with the purpose of uniting Brazilians with foreigners in one place, the place that opened in 2008 has a wide menu of beers from around 10 countries, totaling 50 different types of beer. Whiskey is not far behind, with 23 types. The food menu is also very varied, with sandwiches, meals, portions and salads. The dishes are not exclusively Irish, so it is not the best place to “miss” Irish food, on the other hand it is perfect for beers and whiskeys.

There are plenty of options to indulge some of the desire to be in Ireland, just choose the one you like best and plan your trip. Remember to check opening hours as they may vary from place to place.

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