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5 Things To Do In Dublin During The Lockdown

howth head walk

Currently the city of Dublin and indeed Ireland is experiencing the most extreme level of lockdown, namely Level 5. What does that mean? Level 5 means that the government of Ireland has created the most extreme set of rules and restrictions to be followed in order to prevent clusters and the proliferation of the virus. This includes travel only within your own county, or within 20kms within your neighbouring country, while bars, restaurants and attractions will remain closed for visitors. You can find the full list of lockdown rules here.

Since the reality is different now and there is no other way but to adapt until things get better, here are some tips on what to do in Dublin during the lockdown:

1. Visit one of the many city parks

With the beginning of spring, being away from home becomes much more pleasant than in the winter. And if there is one thing that is not lacking in Dublin, there are cool parks to visit. In the parks it is possible to do different activities, from sports to leisure. So why not set aside a time of day to explore a park, play a sport or even have a picnic? It is a way to have contact with nature, explore something new and not be stuck at home.

Want some park tips? Stephen Green, Bernard Park, Phoenix Park, Fairview Park, Merrion Square and Bushy Park. All of these parks are great, each has its advantages.

2. Sign up to and online classes or events

For those who prefer to stay at home, but are tired of the same activities as always, why not participate in events or online classes? You can find events happening in Dublin online, from classes, tours or even shows. The advantage of this activity is that you don’t need to expose yourself outside the home if you don’t like it and at the same time can be part of something cool that interests you. In addition, choosing events that take place in Dublin is better because the trend is that after the pandemic you will be able to join in-person events. Here are some examples of online events: show, marathon, meditation, virtual tour, workshops, yoga etc.

3. Visit Howth Head

How about enjoying a walk while enjoying an incredible scenery? Howth Head is a well-known place for those who like to walk and be in contact with nature, being a picturesque beach town, this place attracts many tourists from Dublin because of its proximity to the city. In addition to the proximity advantage, the fact that it is 100% outdoor programming is very good.

The path can take between 1 and a half hours or even 2 and a half hours, all this will depend on the person’s pace, despite the weather, it is an easy walk and has options of places such as restaurants and bars to make stops. (find out how the lockdown is working beforehand)

Surely the view and the sea breeze will make up for the walking time. There you will find the rugged coastline, cliffs, a panorama of Dublin Bay and Howth Harbor and a very high view of Baily Lighthouse and Howth Harbor Lighthouse.

4. Enjoy one of the nature trails

Howth Head is not the only hike that can be done near Dublin, there are other different options of trails with incredible landscapes and for different tastes. Want some ideas?

  • Great South Wall Walk, starting just 2km from Dublin
  • Ticknock Walk, there are different trail options from the region
  • Bray Cliff Walk, beautiful path on the east coast of Dublin
  • Malahide to Portmarnock Coastal Walk, easy way on the north side of Dublin

Of course, in addition to these options there are several others. It is important to remember to go prepared for this type of trail, taking water and some light snacks.

5. Enjoy some outdoor physical activity

For those who like physical activity, how about getting out of the routine? If you run at home on the treadmill, it may be a good idea to try running somewhere else to vary your environment, whether in a park or even on quiet streets. Any exercise that can be done at home and outdoors can be a good option, today there is a wide variety of applications (or even Youtube itself) that offer functional exercise training, yoga, flexibility or even guided meditations. Just find a quiet and appropriate place to practice what you like best. 

You could even combine this with some activity in one of Dublin’s numerous beaches or coastal parks. 

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