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Where to find the cheapest flights to Brazil…

Students and visitors to Ireland are naturally always on the looking for the cheapest way to return home. Luckily for you we have compiled a list of the best places to search! When searching always checkout flights from busy airports with many connections

to Brazil such as Lisbon, Frankfurt, Paris and Rome rather than just starting your search from Dublin. These airports all have budget flights to and from Ireland, meaning you can often make significant savings when returning to Brazil.


This website provides one of the more popular and oldest flight booking engines. Be sure to select whole months to find the cheapest days for flying, rather than individual dates.


Similar to Skyscanner this website provides a flight booking engine and can be very useful when checking flights from various destinations that offer services to Brazil. Just be sure to checkout flights from Paris and Lisbon, and not just Dublin.

Holiday Pirates

Holiday Pirates is the original flight discount aggregator, listing a collection of super cheap deals and flight error fares – so book fast!

Secret Flying

Just like Holiday Pirates Secret Flying gathers a collection of unbeatable flight deals, discounts and error fare. Check them out for yourself using the link below:


A mention must be given also to the website, who provide an excellent list of super flight deals and packages from Ireland. Check them out yourself and see the amazing price you can get for weekends away, not just trips to Brazil.

Hack the Flight

This website hosts a collection of flight discounts from various websites, including some on this list. You can also see some of the countries covered in a list, making it even easier to list your most suitable deals.

Author: James Osborne

While not Brazilian himself James has a lot of Brazilian influences in his life, with a partner from Minas Gerais and many Brazilian friends and colleagues. James loves all things tech, in particular front end web development and open source platforms such as WordPress and Joomla.
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