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How to get hold of Premier League tickets in Ireland

For many Brazilians who arrive in Ireland they have dreams of visitings Old Trafford to see Manchester United in action, or to Anfield to watch Firminho, Alison and Fabingo at Liverpool.

Believe it or not full day trip or weekend packages for such teams are readily available. We have a list of ways to gather tickets below:

Join any of the official fan clubs

This is probably your best opportunity of obtaining tickets for specific games. Official fan clubs have a direct relationship with the clubs and besides being a useful resource for cost price tickets they also host regular meetups and events. There are also benefits and meet and greet opportunities on occasions. See some of the more popular fan clubs below, and you can also look on any Premier League clubs official website for more information on their official fan clubs.

Purchase a package from one of the licensed agents

There are many licensed agents that provide either day or overnight trips for many Premier League and Champions League games. Champions League tickets can usually be a good option, with the matches being played mid-week and tickets easier to obtain.

Contact the clubs directly

Have a look at the official Premier League website, which lists ticket information on a club by club basis. It’s a great resource that also lists phone numbers to get in touch with the clubs directly for ticket information.

Use a ticket reseller

Tickets on the following websites tend to be overpriced, so we would recommend using the below as a last resort. Eitherway click on any of the links to see for yourself.

Author: James Osborne

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