What is the minimum wage in Ireland in 2022

minimum wage Ireland

In Ireland the national minimum hourly rate for adults is €10.50 per house, as of 1 January 2022. It’s an increase of 30 cents leading into the new year. This rate of pay covers all sectors, no matter what your employment.

There is a lower rate of pay for teenagers, which can be seen below:

  • Under 18: €7.35 per hour
  • Aged 18: €8.40 per hour
  • Aged 19: €9.45 per hour

Standard working hours which employers must pay wages include overtime, travel time and training, where training is required for your job. 

Those working in the restaurant or service industry where tips are common must still be paid the standard minimum hourly pay, and wages cannot be deducted in place of tips. Tips cannot make up part of an employee’s hourly rate. 

If you’re working full in and being paid the minimum wage your take home page is equivalent to over €1,700 per month,  or €400 per week.

How does Ireland’s pay compare to other European countries?

Ireland ranks second from all EU countries when it comes to the minimum wage. You’ll find a list of the minimum wage per country, as of January 2022. 

CountryNational minimum wage per hour  Minimum wage per month 
Portugal €4.16€775.80

What can I do if my employer is not paying me the minimum wage? 

If your employer is not paying you the minimum wage you can complete the online complaint form on workplacerelations.ie

You can get more information on the national minimum wage from the Workplace Relations Commission’s Information and Customer Service.

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