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Can you ski in Ireland?

skiing snowboarding in Ireland

While it does snow in Ireland on occasions there it doesn’t snow consistently enough for skiing or snowboarding. There are no typical ski resorts or suitable places for natural outdoor skiing. Fear not however, there are some options when it comes to artificial skiing and snowboarding!

So where can I ski in Ireland?

Ireland has three dry slope ski centers, with two of those only a short drive away from Dublin city center. The third dry slope is located in Belfast, in Northern Ireland. You’ll find out more on these below:

The Ski Club of Ireland, Kilternan, Co. Wicklow

Just south of Dublin, in Kilternan County Wicklow, there is the Ski Club of Ireland. The non profit organisation provides classes and training facilities for all standards of skiers or snowboarders, from beginners to experts. It is run by a group of dedicated volunteers, with over 100,000 skiing and snowboarding visitors enjoying it’s dry slopes no matter what time of year. 

If you’re planning on visiting the Ski Club it’s also located very close to Powerscourt gardens, making it suitable for a great day out in Co. Wicklow.

Ski Centre Sandyford, Sandyford, Dublin

There is a dry ski slope in Sandyford, Dublin that is open to visitors throughout the year. The venue operates two carpeted dry slopes which are inclined and remote controlled, allowing for an interesting experience. Similar to a treadmill it simulates a skiing experience using a rotating carpeted flooring and users can hold onto a side railing or make use of mirrors to improve their skiing technique.  

While the above sounds like the center is suitable for beginners only expert skiers also make frequent use of the centre for stamina and fitness, being able to simulate an endless slope and varying the difficulty level.

Craigavon Golf & Ski Centre

Less than 2 hours drive from Dublin lies the 300ft dendex artificial ski slope, part of a wider adventure center that also offers a lift on the main slope, a beginners nursery slope and a snowtubing slope.

Are there skiing destinations close to Ireland?

If you’re looking for a skiing destination not too far from Ireland there are many places just a couple of hours away by plane. Some of the more popular skiing destinations from Ireland include the following:

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