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The best spots to work or study in Dublin

For those who work remotely, it is sometimes necessary to leave the house and breathe new air to maintain productivity. Some people like to work in cafes, others in libraries, or even in the park. Fortunately, Dublin has a good selection of places suitable for work and study, with a quiet environment and good WiFi connection. Below we list some of them:


This cafe, which looks more like a lounge, has huge, comfortable armchairs, and the WiFi quality is very good. In addition, there is a very varied menu of drinks and sweets. The venue is large, two-story, and open late.

Address: 23 Stephen Street Lower, Dublin 2

The Clockwork Door

This cafe has an innovative concept, where you pay for the time you spend there, instead of what you consume. For 8 cents a minute, you get free tea, coffee and cookies. You can also buy the day pass for €20 or become a member for €75 a month, which entitles you to unlimited access. The place has several environments, including a room with a video game and a kitchen with a popcorn maker and over 50 types of tea.

Address: 51 Wellington Quay, Dublin 2


The branch of Dubray (a chain of bookstores) on Grafton Street has a café located on the top floor, with a calm atmosphere and a view of the street, which is one of the busiest in the capital. It is quite common to see young people studying or working there. The only downside is that there aren’t many tables, so you’ll need to be lucky.

Address: 36 Grafton Street, Dublin 2

Third Space

This place has emerged as a space for meetings and meetings, and is perfect for working. There’s plenty of space and tables with outlets, and you can stay as long as you like without any pressure. The menu has several brunch options at very affordable prices, as well as coffees, of course.

Address: 14 Block C, Smithfield Markets, Dublin 7


Another very popular place with students, the Dakota has tables with electrical outlets, and the staff doesn’t mind if you stay in there for several hours. The restaurant opens at midday, so it is the ideal place to have lunch and spend the rest of the afternoon working or studying. At night the place turns into a bar, with loud music and drinks.

Address: 8/9 South William Street, Dublin 2

The Eatery

Located next to LIVStudent, a student residence in the center of Dublin, this cafe/restaurant has affordable prices and a very pleasant environment to work or study. You can choose between tables, benches and armchairs, and WiFi is super fast.

Address: 27-31 Church Street, Dublin 7


Like Starbucks, Costa has several units around town, but not all are the same. Costa Coffee near Trinity College is one of the best places to work or study. The downstairs is quiet and very spacious, with lots of tables and armchairs. The only downside is that WiFi isn’t always good enough.

Address: 1 Dawson Street, Dublin 2

BoI Workbench

This is not a cafe, but a coworking space offered by the Bank of Ireland to work and hold business meetings. You don’t need to be a bank customer or any type of registration to use the space – just get there and look for a free table. Workbench is also available in other cities such as Galway, Donegal, Limerick and Cork.

Address: 1 Grand Canal Square, Dublin 2

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