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How to get to/from Dublin Airport

A very frequent question for those traveling to Ireland for the first time concerns the transfer between the airport and the city. Dublin International Airport is about 10km from the center and can be accessed by car, taxi or bus. There is a project to link the subway between the terminal and the city center, but the works should not be ready until 2027. Until then, you can follow these tips for getting to and from the airport:

Public transport

There are three types of buses that connect Dublin Airport to the city centre: Aircoach, AirLink, and conventional bus.

The Aircoach works 24 hours a day and leaves every half hour. The ticket costs €7 to €10 (one way) or €9 to €16 (return), depending on destination or departure point in Dublin. The journey between the center and the terminal takes about 40 minutes. Tickets can be purchased instantly or over the internet . You can also consult the schedules, stops and prices on the website. The Aircoach also offers connections to Cork and Belfast, with departures practically every two hours.

The Airlink is an express service offered by Dublin Bus, the company that operates Dublin’s public buses. There are two express lines: the 747 and the 757. With the route planner you can find out which line is most suitable for you. The ticket costs €7 (one way) or €12 (round trip), and can be purchased on the bus or at site.

The main difference between Aircoach and Airlink, apart from price and route, is that Aircoach is a tour-style bus, with more comfortable seats, while Aircoach is a conventional double-decker city bus. Both have plenty of room for your bags. The Airlink route passes through the Dublin Port Tunnel, a tunnel that cuts through much of Dublin city centre, which can be a big plus at times of peak congestion.

An economical alternative is to use the Dublin Bus conventional bus lines. There are two lines that serve the airport: the 16 and 41. The ticket costs €3.30 in cash (coins only, with certain change) or €2.50 using the Leap Card. As the route has more stops, the time to get to the center can vary from half an hour to more than an hour, depending on traffic.


Forget about apps like Uber, Cabify and Lyft as they are banned in the city. Taxis in Dublin are heavily regulated, and drivers are required to provide a receipt that shows the price and distance of the journey. A taxi ride between the airport and O’Connell Street in central Dublin can cost between €20 and €30. Taxi can be a good option if you are traveling with family or friends, as the fare can be split. Use this site to get an estimate of the time and cost of the ride.


We do not recommend using a car to get to or from Dublin Airport unless you are hitchhiking or renting a car to travel to other parts of Ireland.

To drop off or pick up passengers, there is a car park with prices starting at €3/hour. If you need to leave your car for several days, there are larger car parks with prices starting at €5/day if reserved in advance.

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