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The Best Halloween Events in Ireland

Halloween in Ireland

The end of October is approaching and the Irish are already gearing up for one of the most popular events in the country, the Irish Halloween parties. If you are on the Island during this period, then you need to attend one of these parties.

Joy, fun, good food and new friendships. Those looking for these elements will find it all at Ireland’s traditional Halloween parties. We have separated for you some of the best events for you to organize, check out:

5. Derry

Considered the biggest Halloween festival in Europe, according to the organizers, the Derry festival takes place between October 28th and 31st, in the walled city. In honor of the ancestors, the festival is recognized for the beauty of the costumes and wide programming, for couples, young people, children and the whole family.

The whole city is organized to receive visitors from all over Europe, so book your stay as soon as possible.

More information here.

4. Galway Aboo Festival

With several free and paid events, the medieval streets of Galway are “frighteningly” decorated for the Aboo Festival. There are several attractions for all tastes, including the Slieve Aughty Festival, the Wildlands forest tour and the Treat at Turoe Pet Farm walk.

More information here.

3. Wexford’s Ballycross Apple Farm Wexford’s Ballycross Farm

is approximately two hours drive south of Dublin and offers one of the best experiences for the whole family. The farm is all decorated with a Halloween theme. Children participate in various activities, such as the search for the perfect pumpkin and access to farm equipment.

The event takes place every weekend in October. The ticket costs €7.5 and children under the age of two are free.

More information here,

2. Festival Boo, in Cork

For those who are close to Cork, the tip is to participate in the Festival Boo, at Leahy’s Farm. In addition to the participation of children, the festival encourages adults and seniors to participate in the program, dressed in character. 

The activities take place from October 22 to 31, from 10:20 am to 4:20 pm. You need to book your tickets on the event website, by clicking here.

1. Tayto Park

Tayto Theme Park promotes traditional Halloween programming, including Tayto Park After Dark, where users participate in a special evening program, and Tayto Park Tricky Trail, where children take a spooky walk.

The difference is on account of After Dark, which is a “No Scare” activity, that is, it is not intended to scare anyone, just to entertain and make people have fun. This schedule will be held on October 21, 22, 28, 29, 30, from 6:30 pm to 10 pm.

The Trick Trail will be held October 22, 23, 29 to November 2, from 11 am to 4 pm. In this event, there is the possibility of purchasing a meal when purchasing the ticket.

Entrance to the park costs €16. 

Check out more details of both Tayto Park events by clicking here.

Have fun

These are some of Ireland’s most popular Halloween events. If you want to have fun and meet new people then you can’t miss this one.

Author: Thiago

I moved to Ireland 2012. I work as a business administrator and travel a lot to Europe with my work. I enjoy writing and athletics during my vacation and try to visit friends and family every year in Brazil.
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