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Ireland’s top music festivals

Forbidden Fruit Festival Ireland
Forbidden Fruit Festival Ireland

Ireland is a festive country, with many annual music festivals and events. So we’ve rounded up the top five festivals in Ireland for you to attend.

Nothing like a musical and artistic event for you to get to know a people, their culture and traditions better, right? Who doesn’t like to participate in an event with good music, drinks and quality cuisine? 

Ireland has a tradition of musical events, especially those that highlight its history and traditions. Therefore, participating in one of these festivals is more than going to a show, it is experiencing the country in its most social form.

Check out some of the annual music festivals Ireland promotes.

5. All together Now 

All Together Now Festival
All Together Now Festival

For those who like a complete festival, All Together Now is a great option. In addition to musical shows, you have great gastronomic options, theater performances and even humor.

The event usually takes place in July and has as a differential the possibility of camping on site, so you don’t miss anything during the three days of the event. The festival takes place in August and you can even try to rent luxury tents to participate.

All together Now 

4. Electrica Picnic

electric picnic ireland
electric picnic ireland

For many, this is Ireland’s premier annual event for Rock’n Roll fans. With a good selection of music and other artistic performances, Eletrica Picnic also offers good theater options. 

The festival takes place between September and October, in the Irish summer, and is becoming one of the best music festivals on the Emerald Isle.

Electrica Picnic

3. Another Love Story

Another Love Story Ireland
Another Love Story Ireland

For those who prefer musical events in less public, Another Love Story offers the opportunity to experience a unique event, with good music, walks through Irish forests and quality artisanal food.

The event takes place between July and August. As it is a purposefully smaller event, it offers a different atmosphere, ideal for those who want to get to know the Irish people better.

Another Love Story

2. Forbidden Fruit

Forbidden Fruit Festival Ireland
Forbidden Fruit Festival Ireland

The event is held in the heart of Dublin, so it’s a flashy event that has been attracting more and more people. An event with cutting-edge musical attractions, this has been 

held in June 2022, this year’s festival reached its 10th Edition, featured national and international performances, attracting a large audience. The organizers are already preparing the 2023 festival, and you can show interest on their website and receive all the news by email.

Forbidden Fruit

1. Body & Soul

Body and Soul Ireland
Body and Soul Ireland

Imagine a musical event where people go dressed up, with masks a bit like the Carnival of Venice, enjoy the environment, perform artistic productions and the “division” between artists and audience, or stage and audience, does not exist.

The purpose of this event, which normally takes place in June, is to create a show where several performances take place simultaneously and the public is free to participate in all of them.

Body & Soul is a complete experience, with music, gastronomy and 

The event always brings original, differentiated and creative musical performances, with the aim of offering the public a unique and remarkable experience. 

Body & Soul

Have fun

These are some of the musical events in Ireland that have established themselves as high quality annual events. In addition to the musical performances, it is an opportunity to get to know the Irish people and their culture better. So, if you want to live a unique experience in Ireland, plan ahead and participate in one of these events. Have a good time!

Author: Thiago

I moved to Ireland 2012. I work as a business administrator and travel a lot to Europe with my work. I enjoy writing and athletics during my vacation and try to visit friends and family every year in Brazil.
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