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Public Transport…Dublin by bus

Dublin Bus

Bus is the primary mode of transport for Dublin locals, with an extensive network of routes operating throughout the city. Most buses are of the double carriage type, also known as double decker buses in many parts of the world.

Most of the bus routes operated within the city and surrounding areas are managed by Dublin Bus, the biggest transport operator in Dublin, and also a state owned company. Go Ahead is another company which has recently taken over some of Dublin Buses routes as part of national reforms although the vast majority of buses you will encounter will be Dublin Buses. 

There are dedicated bus lanes on many roads across the city although with Dublin streets not suited to large traffic volumes buses can frequently arrive late, and are often overcrowded, in particular during rush hours. 

The cost of traveling by bus in Dublin various by payment type and number of bus stops travelled. For 1-3 stops the standard, non student price is €2.15 (R$9.58), €2.25 (R$10) for 3-13 stops and €3 (R$13.36) for more than 13 stops. Prices are on average 20% cheaper if paid in advance, using what’s known as a “Leap Card”, a prepaid Ireland transport card. 

It’s worth noting also that student prices are considerably cheaper than standard fare prices and you can find the full student price breakdown on the dedicated section on the Dublin bus website.

Evading fares is not a common occurrence, as usually passengers must pass the bus driver and scan their Luas cards or pay the driver directly before the bus departs. You also don’t want to risk being caught without a valid ticket. Doing so can result in a fine of €100 (approx R$400). If caught you have the option of paying the correct fare within 21 days for a reduced fine of €50.

Bus travel in Dublin, what to expect:

  • Very indifferent drivers: From super friendly to downright rude, Dublin bus drivers come in all types! Luckily most bus drivers fall into the later, being helpful and polite. You will notice many locals saying thanks to the bus drivers as they depart, a scene not to typical on Brazilian buses. 
  • Double Decker Buses: Most buses are double carriages to cater for more passengers. 
  • Modern but modest luxury: No bells and whistles here, you’ll get modern comfortable seats but don’t expect WiFi or excess leg room! 

Tips for travelling by Dublin Bus

  • Bring small change: Dublin Bus operate a no change policy, so bring the exact fare with you or be prepared for the journey to cost more than it should. Notes
  • Credit/Debit card and notes are not accepted: You can’t pay any bus fares on the bus with any Euro notes, they are not accepted. Likewise you can’t pay with bank cards, either debit or credit.  
  • Obtain a Luas card: If you are going to be staying in Dublin for a while purchase a Luas. It will save you money for multiple journeys. The price of the card is also refunded once you return it. 


Dublin Bus website:

Fare Calculator:

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