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More than 700,000 receiving government benefits: check out how to apply

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The number of Irish people receiving some kind of government benefit has risen to 714,000, according to the latest data released by the Department of Employment and Social Protection.

Of this number, around 507,000 people are receiving Covid-19 Pandemic Unemployment Support, a benefit of € 350 per week paid to workers who lost their jobs due to the impacts of the pandemic.

Since its announcement on March 16, the government has received around 583,000 requests to receive the benefit, but many have been refused for various reasons: 46,000 people have had requests rejected for being under 18 or over 66, for never have had a job, or because they are still in their regular jobs. Another 9100 requests had invalid PPSN numbers, and 1500 had incorrect bank information.

Dublin was the county with the largest number of beneficiaries, with 147,000 people receiving aid, followed by Cork (52,500), Galway (27,300), Kildare (22,300) and Meath (21,400).

See how to claim your benefit

If you are between 18 and 66 years old, and lost your job because of the coronavirus pandemic (after March 13), you are entitled to the benefit. This includes students and non-residents of the European Economic Area.

The benefit is paid for 12 weeks, in the amount of € 350 per week. During this period, you must apply for Jobseeker’s Payment, a kind of unemployment insurance paid to people looking for work.

To apply, you must have a MyGovID account and follow the steps on this page to apply.

IMPORTANT: If you have been diagnosed with Covid-19 and are quarantined by medical recommendations, you must apply for the Illness Benefit.
More information can be read on this website.

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