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IRP (or GNIB): What is it and why is it necessary?

The Irish Residence Permit , or IRP, is a document that proves that a foreigner is allowed to live in Ireland. Any citizen outside the European Economic Area needs an IRP to stay legally in Ireland for more than 90 days. Since 2017, the IRP has replaced the old GNIB, which had the same function.

To apply for the IRP, you must be in Ireland and schedule an appointment at INIS, the Irish immigration service, as soon as possible. In Dublin, this can be done online through this website . In the case of students, it is necessary to present:

  • 1) valid passport;
  • 2) proof of registration;
  • 3) health insurance and medical coverage;
  • 4) sufficient funds to stay during your studies (at least € 3,000 if you stay for more than six months, or € 500 per month if you stay for less than six months).

The cost for issuing the IRP is € 300 and must be paid on time. In Dublin, the document is mailed to your address when it is ready, which can take 10 to 15 business days. In other cities, it is possible to schedule a time to pick up the document.

The IRP is the same size as a credit card and contains important information such as: name, date of birth and registration number, in addition to the type and validity of the residence permit. It is important to remember that the IRP is not an identification document, that is, it does not replace the passport in most situations. When leaving home, always take the IRP with you, as a police officer can request it if necessary. The IRP is also required every time you enter and leave Ireland.

If your IRP has been lost or stolen, file a police report and make an appointment at the nearest INIS unit to request a new copy. In most cases, you will need to pay the € 300 fee again. So take good care of your document!

Author: Pedro

I work with digital marketing and lived in Europe for two years. I like to write about travel, business and entertainment, as well as sharing tips and advice for Brazilians living abroad.
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