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Irish Teenager Sentenced for Death of Brazilian Deliveroo Driver

thiago cortes

An Irish teenager ran over 28-year-old Brazilian Thiago Cortes in August 2020, the accused who cannot be named for legal reasons was only 16 when the fact happened, he and others who were in the car when the episode occurred left the scene so that they would not be discovered.

The car the boy was driving on the day of the accident was 79 km / h when the hit and run happened, but in the place where everything happened the maximum speed was 50 km / h. The boy who until then had a clean record confessed to driving in a dangerous way, which caused the accident and consequently the Brazilian’s death, he also confessed to not having reported what happened, but said he was not guilty.

The judge in the case, whose name is Martin Nolan, established a 2-year sentence in a juvenile facility and even ordered him to acquire credit for some time that had already been served. It turns out that in Ireland people usually end up serving only 50% of the sentences for good behavior, so there is a chance that the accused will only serve a few months and be arrested, if that is the case.

Thiago Cortes’ then-fiancée, Teresa Dantas Oliveira, 29, declared that she will never be able to explain what she feels and how the loss of her boyfriend impacted her life. She said she also prayed for a miracle to happen, which never happened.

The victim had left Brazil and went to Ireland to learn English, he worked delivering food at Deliveroo and was hit by the car while working near North Wall Quay in Dublin.

The event generated great commotion among Brazilians in 2020, many expected that the result of the sentence of the accused would be greater, including his fiancee Teresa, but as the culprit is lesser and the first defendant the result ended up being only 2 years.

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