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Guide to making Irish Friends…

Making friends with native Irish people during your time in Ireland can open the doors to long lasting friendships, opportunities and a wealth of local knowledge, support and advice. Unfortunately one of the common trends of Brazilians in Ireland is that the company they keep and their social groups with in Ireland tend to be made up with other Brazilians, with many stating that they find it difficult to make good friends with Irish people.

For that reason we have compiled a list of methods to help you get to know and break into social circles during your time in Ireland.

Spend time outside the big cities

There are an ever increasing number of Brazilians arriving in Ireland weekly, with most of them spending the duration of their stay in Dublin, Cork or Galway. Simply being a Brazilian in any of these cities doesn’t arouse curiosity as it once did, most Irish people in Dublin would know numerous Brazilians. Visits or extended stays outside the big cities will take you to smaller towns, where people are less rushed and more interested in where you come from and what brought you to their town. Irish people tend to be open and talkative, especially in smaller towns. Be sure to visit these smaller towns, pop into a pub – even on your own. Chances are it won’t take long to find a new drinking buddy,

Play GAA (Gaelic Athletics Association)

Gaelic Hurling and Gaelic football are the national sports in Ireland, overtaking soccer and rugby in most regions. This fast paced game has a real Irish feel to it. The sports is played soley in Ireland and it’s very rare to find foreign nationals playing on any such team, despite the clubs being very supportive of newcomers from all over. The sport is very popular with woman also, the most popular sport in Ireland. The rules are easy to follow and it’s about fun and meeting others just as it is about competing.

Volunteer at local events or charities

Helping with with elderly, animals or other groups and charities is not just helping a good cause, it assists with making new acquaintances and friends. There are an abundance of charities, on local, national and International that seek volunteers throughout the year. It can also be a stepping stone into getting a experience in an area of potential future employment and it looks great on your resume.

Join a gym / fitness club

There are various networks of gyms and sports clubs of all types in every town in Ireland. Joining them is a great way to expand your social circle and get to know other attendees. There are various free social sports clubs or groups also which you can take part in. The Park Run series is a very popular and free way to get fit and meet others.

Take advantage of Irish people you know to open doors to various social circles

If you have a good rapport with your native Irish tutor or work colleagues why not arrange a group night out or ask to join them for any upcoming event. Irish people are welcoming and getting to know others through

Join Meetup

MeetUp is a great website (and phone app) for meeting others and joining various social groups and activities. If you don’t see anything you like you can even start your own! It’s a great way to meet people no matter what your interest, and for sure you will find most of the people using the platform are indeed Irish! Besides getting to know new people you can signup to events and happenings in your area of interest, so chances are your new found Irish friends have something in common!

Author: James Osborne

While not Brazilian himself James has a lot of Brazilian influences in his life, with a partner from Minas Gerais and many Brazilian friends and colleagues. James loves all things tech, in particular front end web development and open source platforms such as WordPress and Joomla.
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