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Dublin reveals the most borrowed books from libraries during quarantine


Dublin City Hall revealed a list of the books most borrowed by the city’s libraries during the quarantine period. Although public libraries are closed, the city offers digital libraries with e-books and audiobooks completely free.

More than 185,000 e-books were borrowed through the BorrowBox service between March 1 and May 27 – representing a 191% increase in demand.

These were the most popular titles in the adult literature category:

Short History of Nearly Everything (Bill Bryson)

This book is a guide to (almost) everything we know about the world, from the origin of the universe to the present day. The author explains history and science in an easy and fun language. It is a good choice for quarantine, since the book is long, with 544 pages.

Becoming (Michelle Obama)

Written by Michelle Obama, ex-first lady of the United States, the book talks about her roots and her role as a mother, first lady and one of the most influential women in the world. It was the best-selling book in the U.S. in 2018, breaking the record in just 15 days. Netflix released a documentary based on the work in May 2020.

Man Who Didn’t Call (Rosie Walsh)

A novel with suspense and many twists and turns. The plot begins when Sarah meets Eddie, and the two live a perfect love story for a week. Eddie, however, has a scheduled trip and leaves, but he never reports again.

The Last Mile (David Baldacci)

This New York Times bestseller tells the story of Amos Decker, an FBI agent who investigates the case of a murderer convicted of the death penalty who was saved by the confession of another suspect. The agent tries to find out the truth, but very sinister things happen along the way.

Tatty (Christine Dwyer Hickey)

A mix of drama and comedy, this book tells the story of Tatty and her troubled family, who lives in Dublin. The girl suffers from the troubled relationship of her parents, who are alcoholics.

How to access public libraries in Ireland?

To access libraries across Ireland, you need to register at Usually, it is necessary to go to a public library to complete the registration, but during the pandemic the process is done online. Access to e-books is divided by region. You can consult access to all digital libraries in the country on this page 

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