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Dublin Business School has a job opening for portuguese speakers

Improve your English

Dublin Business School has an open position for the position of International Student Recruitment Officer. The professional will be responsible for creating strategies to attract foreign students, mainly from Brazil and other countries in Latin America. Therefore, speaking Portuguese is one of the requirements of the vacancy.

The salary is between 30 and 40 thousand euros per year. To apply, simply access this page and click Apply.

The job functions include:

  • achieve new student goals;
  • promote the school among Brazilian and Latin students, working together with the marketing department of DBS;
  • guide and contact interested students;
  • form partnerships with colleges and universities in Latin America;
  • analyze data and prepare reports to present management;
  • attend fairs and events.

To apply, you must:

  • speak English and Portuguese fluently;
  • learn about the Irish system of higher education;
  • have availability to travel outside the country;
  • have good negotiation and persuasion skills;
  • have experience with CRM software;
  • in addition to all the other skills expected of a sales professional, such as knowing how to work as a team, respecting deadlines, being organized, etc.

The vacancy requires a certain flexibility with schedules and constant travel, in addition to a knowledge of the Brazilian and Latin American culture and market. And nobody knows the Brazilian better than another Brazilian, right?

Dublin Business School is Ireland’s largest independent college, with around 9,000 students and more than 100 programs in areas such as administration, law, accounting, technology, arts and psychology. The institution has existed since 1975, and was purchased by Kaplan in 2003.

Author: Pedro

I work with digital marketing and lived in Europe for two years. I like to write about travel, business and entertainment, as well as sharing tips and advice for Brazilians living abroad.
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