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Cork Midsummer Moments: Festival combines real and virtual events


Due to the pandemic, many festivals and cultural events that would take place this summer have been postponed or canceled. But it is precisely in times of difficulty that human beings show their most creative side.

With that in mind, the organizers of the Cork Midsummer Festival launched Midsummer Moments, which takes place between the 10th and 21st of June. The event is fully compatible with social distance measures and will take place both online and offline.

With a program that mixes real and virtual experiences, these are some of the main highlights of the event:

Audio Walks

 A sound experience that guides listeners on a walk through the center of Cork. It is possible to participate using your own smartphone and headphones, always remembering to maintain social distance. The scripts and audios are available on this page.

New Light 

An exhibition of eight works of art, presented as billboards in different parts of Cork. The exhibition guide with the location and details of each work can be consulted here. All the arts can be seen from a great distance, making it ideal for maintaining social distance.

Shelter & Place 

A virtual and interactive experience that allows users to visit the quarantine spaces of different people, recreated in 3D. It is possible to use the movement of the cell phone to navigate the environments. This video shows the process used by artists to capture each environment. Links to visit the spaces can be found here.

Day of the Straws 

An online documentary that mixes video, sound and text, showing how the 1832 cholera epidemic is related to this year’s Covid-19 pandemic. The creators explore aspects in common between the two events, such as conspiracy theories, supernatural phenomena and religious rituals. The launch takes place at 12 noon on June 21st.

Author: Pedro

I work with digital marketing and lived in Europe for two years. I like to write about travel, business and entertainment, as well as sharing tips and advice for Brazilians living abroad.
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