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Changes in public transportation timetables: stay alert!

Covid 19 transport Ireland

Following the restriction measures announced by the government last week, public transport in Ireland will operate at around 80% of capacity as of Monday, March 30.

These are the main changes you should be aware of:

Dublin Bus

New bus schedules will take effect starting on Wednesday, April 1st. Buses will start operating on Saturday hours, reinforced by additional services during busy hours, such as early morning. More details about the changes can be checked on the website.

Links to the airport (Airlink) and the night bus service (Nitelink) are temporarily suspended, with no return scheduled.


Luas trains will continue to operate at the same times. However, measures will be taken to increase the distance between passengers. In addition, train doors are being automatically opened on all platforms to prevent passengers from pressing the button.

Bus Éireann

Starting on April 1st, intercity bus schedules on weekdays will be reduced, generally operating on Saturday schedules, however there are exceptions. The measures also apply to Expressway services. All changes can be checked on the company’s website.

In addition, the company asks passengers to avoid using money, buying tickets online or by machines when possible.

Irish Rail

Intercity, DART and Commuter trains will be reduced from Monday, March 30. Larger trains will be used whenever possible to increase the distance between passengers.

In addition, the Waterford <> Limerick Junction and Limerick <> Ballybrophy services (via Nenagh) will be suspended, with no expected return. The service between M3 Parkway and Clonsilla

Go Ahead

From April 1, the services will follow the schedules of Saturday, but with reinforcements. Weekend services remain unchanged. Exceptions and more detailed information can be checked on the website.

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