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Aldi – new job openings in all Dublin stores

aldi Dublin jobs

The Aldi supermarket chain is open new job positions in all 21 of its units in Dublin. The vacancies are for general store assistants, with wages between €12.30 and €14.10 per hour, making Aldi is the best-paying supermarket chain in Ireland.

The chain network recruited 550 new employees across Ireland this year. Of these, 141 are for Dublin stores. “We look for the best people to join our time, to offer the best customer service and the lowest prices in the country,” said Donald Mackay, one of the company directors.

According to the JobAlert website, no specific specifications are allowed, but the ideal candidate must know how to work in a busy environment, be proactive and have a friendly attitude towards colleagues and consumers. As delivery receipt activities, keep as stocked shelves and fulfill various customer orders.

To see all available vacancies and apply for a job, simply go to the Aldi recruitment website and search for the units closest to your location. There are also opportunities for other areas such as management, logistics and company offices.

Aldi is a supermarket chain of German origin, with more than 10,000 stores in 20 countries. The name is an abbreviation for Albrecht, the last name of the founders and Diskont, which means “discount” in German. A company has been operating in Ireland since 1999 and has more than 4000 employees across the country.

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