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A personal trainer from Minas living in Dublin

I’m the Phoenix Famer! Miner since birth and Personal Trainer by choice. I was graced by living in the street and racing is my favorite hobby. Physical exercise has enabled me to be a competent athlete to compete competitively in the great city of Belo Horizonte, where I obtained several podiums varying between the first and fifth place. Through this sport, I had the honor of becoming a Physical Educator. I came to Ireland with the intention of learning a new language. And being the most requested world language, I chose to learn English in Dublin. Another hobby really, as I do not need to use it professionally.

When did you arrive in Ireland and how long did you stay? I arrived in Ireland in July 2018. In principle, I will stay here for eight months, returning to Brazil in March 2019.

How did you find the lifestyle in the city/cities you lived in? Each city has its culture respecting local laws. Some more agitated, others more peaceful, where people follow their routines following the principles acquired throughout their lives. I like quiet cities, for remembering the countryside. Perfect environment to live without stress.

How does the lifestyle differ to Brazil? In Ireland people smoke in various environments. For me this is a disrespect to nonsmokers. On the other hand, drinks are prohibited on the streets. In Brazil, we have options to buy to pay in the long run. in contrast, people spend much of their lives in debt. In common, I see the proactivity of people helping those who have not adapted to the new culture.

What is your favourite thing about living in Ireland? I do not like Dublin’s agitation. So I imagine the cities farthest from Dublin, the best option, though I do not know them.

What are some of the things you dislike most about living in Ireland? The frequent rains bother me. The smell and smoke of cigarettes are also disgusting to me.
And finally, the cost of an accommodation. It really freaks out.

What are the things you or Brazilians miss most about living in Ireland? Of the occupations they had in Brazil. Friends and family, will always have an unquestionable weight.

Where is your favourite place to visit in Ireland, and why? I love Phoenix Park. For me, it’s a great place to practice my sport and meet other people. The cinemas and theaters of Dubin are fantastic.

What advice would you give to somebody thinking about moving to Ireland? Life anywhere in the world is not easy. You must have patience and inner strength to withstand daily difficulties. Being away from the likes and dislikes of the new language is pretty hopeless.

On the other hand, for those who are willing to face obstacles, personal growth is unquestionable. Travel to other countries and another fascinating possibility.

Author: James Osborne

While not Brazilian himself James has a lot of Brazilian influences in his life, with a partner from Minas Gerais and many Brazilian friends and colleagues. James loves all things tech, in particular front end web development and open source platforms such as WordPress and Joomla.
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