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5 vegan restaurants to try in Dublin

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The number of people who do not eat meat is growing more and more in Ireland. According to the Deliveroo delivery service, there was an 187% increase in orders for vegan meals in the last year. In addition, the number of restaurants offering a vegan option on the menu has grown by 89%.

During the quarantine period, about 30% of orders made by the platform did not contain meat. In 2019, the average was 19%, which clearly shows a reduction in meat consumption.

Anyone who thinks vegan food has no taste is wrong. The dishes are usually delicious and very tasty, as well as nutritious. Therefore, we have separated five vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Dublin for those who want to eliminate or have already eliminated meat from their diet. All offer delivery service:

Umi Falafel – Simply the most popular with Deliveroo users, this Lebanese restaurant serves delicious falafels in sandwiches and salads, with side dishes like lentil soup, stuffed leaf bundles and spinach pie.

Soya Vegan Butcher – This restaurant offers a very sophisticated brunch, lunch and dinner menu, as well as a takeaway and delivery menu that has great kebabs and gyros, the traditional fast foods from Turkey and Greece. When in doubt, order the gyros, which comes stuffed with soy protein, salad, hummus, tzatziki (a yogurt-based sauce) and jalapeno pepper.

V – This restaurant at Temple Bar serves all kinds of vegan junk food. Be sure to try the Cauliflower wings (cauliflower wings), sold in portions of 5 or 10.

The Saucy Cow – Another fast food restaurant with a 100% vegan menu. Try the Hot Papi Fries, French fries topped with a vegan version of Kentucky’s fried chicken and the buffalo sauce that Americans love.

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Happy Food – A totally vegan coffee with dishes that conquer the palate and the eyes. There are also lactose-free and gluten-free options. One of the highlights of the menu is Sloppy Joe, a hamburger made from beans, sweet potatoes and sunflower seeds, accompanied by tofu bacon and caramelized onion.

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