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5 Reasons Brazilians Love Galway

Galway - Brazilians

It’s fair to say most Brazilians who visit Galway end up falling in love with the city’s charm. Despite it’s small size it’s punches above it’s weight when it comes to activity, culture, music and more. See just some of the reasons below why Galway is one of must visit places for visitors to Ireland. 

1 – “The Craic”

“The Craic” is a common Irish phrase that translates simply as “fun”. It’s used in many contexts such as “last night was great craic”. It’s uniquely Irish and Galway is considered the home of craic in Ireland. It’s a small city by Brazilian standards but punches above its weight when it comes to having fun. There are plenty of bars and restaurants to enjoy, a lively nightlife scene and it’s also packed with attractions and events throughout the year.  

2 – The people

Galway is home to some of the most friendly people in Ireland, always willing to advise visitors on the best places to go and things to see. Being the most visited city outside Dublin Galway is well use to international visitors, in particular from America, with many such Americans claiming Irish ancestry from generations ago during the great potato famine of Ireland.

If you get a chance join some Galweigans in the pub, have a chat, have a laugh and listen to their stories. They will make you feel welcome and they with the large recent influx of Brazilians they might even know a few words of Portuguese!

3 – The Culture

Galway is home to some of the most famous cultural sights in Ireland. Immerse yourself in all the city has to offer with a vibrant arts and crafts community, stunning cathedral and abundance of churches, cobbled pedestrian streets and talented live musicians and Irish dancers. Various poets and authors come from Galway, including the president of Ireland himself, Michael D. Higgins, himself a renowned author. Take it all in at the Galway Arts festival every summer or one of the numerous other annual events tha take place in Ireland’s cultural capital.

4 – The Beaches

Yes, you heard it right! It might be located in the not so tropical Ireland, but that doesn’t mean Brazilians can’t enjoy the sunshine beach while visiting the west of Ireland! Within a 20-25 minute walk from the city centre is the famous Salthill beach, where visitors can relax and enjoy the stunning view of Galway Bay. Venture further out to the magnificent Silver Strand Beach or even further afield for the picturesque Dogs Rocks Beach, a really hidden gem in the Commamara region of Galway. While the water is certain to be cold the scenery and remote location makes this a must see for all visitors to Galway.

5 – The music

Despite it’s small size Galway has something to offer music fans 7 nights a week. With throngs of tourists all year round and a constantly busy main pedestrianised street known as “Shop Street” buskers are aplenty and you won’t have to travel far before coming across street music. If the talented street buskers are not your scene then visit one of the many pubs scattered around the city, many of whom feature live traditional Irish music 7 nights a week. For a more alternative flavour visit Monroe’s or one of the indie/rock venues on the western side of the city.

Be sure to list to one of the 2 recently songs named after this fabulous city, Ed Sheeran’s Galway Girl and different song going by the same title by more traditional Irish Artists. Let us know what you think of the below,

Author: James Osborne

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