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La Touche Bridge by William Murphy. CC by SA 2.0

Have you thought about moving to Dublin? If you have this desire and would like to know more about the city, then read this post to help you decide where is the ideal place to rent your flat or room. Discover some great places to live in the Irish capital.


The region located on the D8 is perfect for students as it is one of the most popular areas in the city. The modern region of Portobello is very young and authentic, there you can find great different bars to enjoy good beers, unique restaurants to eat and even nice places to practice sports. On Saturdays, people love to go to Portobello for drinks near the canal, and if the season is summer, it’s even better.

Besides everything mentioned above, you can also find cultural things to visit in the region. Although it’s not the busiest and most central part of Dublin, it’s a great option for those who prefer not to be so central.

City Center South

Unlike Portobello, City Center South is for those who want to be literally in the middle of the action, this region is in the center of the city, where everything happens. The area is located in D2 and is a very rich region, it is also where many tourists like to stay.

The nightlife in this region is very good, so those who value night activities will love living there. Despite being a busy town, it’s also small and it can be harder to find a property to rent.

North Inner City

Another place in the heart of the city, North Inner City is located on the D1, being the most central region on this list. Despite being a more central region, the locality has more inhabitants of the proletariat, unlike City Center South, which is even more expensive. The region has several options to taste fantastic cuisine, as well as interesting museums to visit, and it is worth remembering that North Inner City goes all the way to the sea. Many people comment that this location can be unsafe, but it is important to understand that all regions have pros and cons.


Located at D6, this is a great area for those with families, as it has good schools and is quieter. This neighborhood has many expats, so there are several events in the region geared towards people arriving from outside Ireland, which makes it easier to meet new people and make new friends.


For those who like a little luxury and tranquility, this place is perfect!

The region which is about 15km from Dublin city center is an expensive area, but very differentiated. Being one of the most sought after neighborhoods in the city, it’s a place where a lot of Irish artists have a home, yes, like I said… it’s an expensive neighborhood! Although it is extremely expensive and a luxury to live in this region, many are not interested, as it is “too quiet”. On the other hand, people who have families tend to like it precisely because of this, besides everything it is close to the coast, another reason that attracts many to live there.

Now all you have to do is search for places to rent or buy the region that you find most interesting. Searching especially for rental properties in Ireland can be a bit difficult, so it must be done with great care and dedication.

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