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Who is Bambie Thug: Ireland at Eurovision 2024

bambie thug
Image Credit: by PHOTOGRAPHER/EBU.

Bambie Thug, real name Bambie Ray Robinson, is Ireland’s current Eurovision hopeful for 2024 making waves with their unique self proclaimed “ouija-pop” sound, blending industrial-techno and pop to create a captivating performance style. 

As a non-binary 31 year old artist from Cork, to and Irish mother and a Swedish father. She trained as a ballerina and practices witchcraft, adding to their intriguing persona as they take the Eurovision stage by storm.

In 2023, Bambie was raped by “someone close to them”, and the Eurovision hopefull stated that their song is they initially applied for Eurosong 2024 in order to “curse out” the memories of the assault. 

How did Bambie end up representing Ireland at Eurovision?

Bambie emerged victorious at Ireland’s national selection for the Eurovision event, namely Eurosong, with their song “Doomsday Blue.” Their win sparked a media frenzy, particularly within Ireland, where “Doomsday Blue” and Bambie have become a hot topic. The song and artist have garnered both praise and criticism in equal measures, with its very unique style and goth-like performance.

When is the Eurovision 2024 on?

Eurovision 2024 is on at present, and will continue until the weekend. 

Typically, the contest takes place over several days. Today, May 9th, 2024, is the second semi-final. Ireland have already qualified for the final, which takes place this weekend, on Saturday, May 11th.

Where can I watch Eurovision?

There are a few ways you can watch Eurovision 2024 depending on your location:

  • Television: In Ireland you can watch Eurovision on RTE One. In most other participating countries, Eurovision is broadcast live on national television channels. You can check the official Eurovision website ( to see which broadcaster is showing the contest in your country.
  • Official YouTube Channel: The official Eurovision Song Contest YouTube channel ( may be streaming the live shows, depending on your region.
  • Local Broadcaster Websites/Apps: Many broadcasters also offer live streaming of Eurovision on their websites or apps. This is also true for RTE, where the event can be live streamed on the RTE Player App
bambie thug
Image Credit: by PHOTOGRAPHER/EBU.

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