Dublin portal to New York

Dublin New York Portal
Image Credits: Portal

Dublin and New York City have been connected through a groundbreaking art installation called ‘The Portal,’ forming a real-time visual bridge between the two vibrant cities.

This innovative project features on-street sculptures equipped with 24/7 livestreams of both Dublin and New York, allowing citizens and visitors to interact in real-time across the Atlantic Ocean.

In Dublin, the portal is situated on O’Connell Street, offering views of iconic landmarks like the GPO and the Spire. Meanwhile, the NYC portal is located at the dynamic intersection of Broadway, Fifth Avenue, and 23rd Street in the Flatiron South Public Plaza.

Lord Mayor of Dublin, Daithí De Róiste, unveiled the sculpture, emphasizing its role in fostering inclusivity and connecting Dubliners with cities around the world.

Throughout the summer and into autumn, the portal will become a fixture of Dublin’s streetscape, featuring scheduled programming that includes cultural performances visible in both cities via the livestream.

Benediktas Gylys, the Lithuanian artist behind the portal, described it as an invitation to transcend borders and embrace global interconnectedness.

The project has been made possible through collaboration between Flatiron NoMad Partnership, Simons Foundation, NYC DOT Art Program, Dublin City Council, the EU Capital of Smart Tourism, and the portals.org team, demonstrating the power of art and technology to bring people together both physically and digitally across continents.

Author: Thiago

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