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The top 5 cheap eats in Dublin

Gourmet Burger Dublin

Who doesn’t like to feel like they’ve discovered a good place to eat? Even better if it’s an affordable restaurant, right? That’s why we’ve made a selection of five cheap restaurants to eat in Dublin, but without sacrificing the quality of the food.

One of the biggest dilemmas we face when we are in another country is where to find a good and cheap restaurant to eat. Who has never been undecided when choosing a restaurant? We take a good look at the appearance, the people who attend and try to have an estimate of how much we will spend.

To help you solve this dilemma, we’ve taken a survey of cheap restaurants in Dublin that offer a good meal. So, you can have a good meal at a price that fits in your pocket.

5. My Meat Wagon

My Meat Wagon, Dublin
My Meat Wagon, Dublin

Barbecue fans will love this restaurant, which offers a variety of grilled meats and chickens, as well as pork and sausages. The meal here costs about €15. 

This is a mandatory stop for Brazilians. Interestingly, the restaurant has a tradition of hiring Brazilian waiters, so it may be that during your visit, you will still find a fellow countryman.

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Address Smithfield Market Square, Smithfield, D7

4. Boojum Burrito Bar

Boojum burritos comida mexicana
Boojum Burrito Bar

This chain of inexpensive restaurants in Dublin offers a great meal for anyone looking for something quick and personal. It’s practically a Mexican fast food. The more informal environment is ideal for students and for those seeking greater contact with natives.

Here you choose the ingredients to assemble your burrito. On Instagram da Rede you can access the menu and get to know your proposal better. The meal here will cost around €12. In Dublin, the restaurant has three

3. Tang cafe

Tang cafe Dublin
Tang cafe Dublin

Anyone looking for vegan and vegetarian meals should visit this restaurant. An authentic place, with simple but delicious dishes. Tang Cafe is an excellent option for those looking for businesses that develop social and environmental actions.

The dishes are well served and the options are quite varied. You choose the ingredients to assemble your dish.

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Address: 23c Dawson Street,

2. Sprezzatura

Sprezzatura Dublin
Sprezzatura Dublin

If Italian food is your thing, then this is your place. A cozy environment concerned with generating the least amount of waste possible.

In addition to the traditional pasta, dishes with ragu and other Mediterranean ingredients will leave you wanting to come back again and again. Here you can also order vegan and vegetarian options.

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There are two restaurants in Dublin. 

1. White Rabbit

White Rabbit Dublin
White Rabbit Dublin

This is a place you need to know. White Rabbit is a Korean cuisine restaurant that offers great options starting at €5. You can choose from sandwiches, fried chicken meals and several bowls options. On average, the meal costs between €10 and €25.

Located in the heart of Dublin, this restaurant is a great choice for those who like variety and well seasoned food. If you’re a fan of the KFC franchise, then you’ll love White Rabbit’s fried chicken options.

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Address:27 Capel St., Dublin

Good Dining

Dublin is full of good bars, restaurants and places to eat. If you want to know places that are not so popular, but that are cheap restaurants in Dublin with tasty meals, it is worth visiting these places. If you already know any of these restaurants, leave your comment, say what you ate and what are your recommendations for readers.

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