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rosslare Harbour Wexford

Ireland is known for having a very windy and rainy climate, despite not having the lowest temperatures in Europe, it is not a very chosen destination to enjoy beautiful sunny days. But that doesn’t mean that these days don’t exist, or that there aren’t regions less affected by this characteristic climate.

During a year the average daily sunshine hours in Ireland are only about 3 hours, and the sunniest months are May and June. The southeast region of the country has more sun than the rest of the island and in summer there are days with around 7 hours of sun. In winter in the north of the country, the average daily sunshine is about 1 hour and approximately 2 hours in the southeast.

The town of Rosslare in County Wexford is the sunniest municipality in Ireland, averaging 4.38 hours of sunshine per day throughout the year, which is 1,598.41 per year. This city is located on the southeast coast of the country, with a small population of just 1,620 inhabitants (2016) it is not even close to being a big city, but a village. Despite this, it has been a tourist spot for over 100 years, so you can find golf courses, restaurants, pubs, hotels and cafes around the small town. The region has grown in recent years with the increase in construction of houses for the summer, which has increased the movement there.

The city’s first railway was built in 1882 and today the city has all the public transport necessary to serve the population and tourists. It also has a ferry port, with a short trip to the UK taking just a couple of hours to reach Wales.

So, had you ever heard of this Irish town? Would you live there? It can also be a great option to spend your summer vacation in the country.

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