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The dog sitter profession, that pays up to €18 an hour

Dog Sitting

If you like dogs and are looking for work, Gudog can be an excellent source of income. The service allows you to hire dog sitters, that is, people who take care of pets while the owners are traveling or working, taking them for a walk, giving them food or just playing.

Anyone over 18 can apply for a dog sitter job, just fill out the registration form through the company’s website. The company will then verify the registration and, if approved, the user will be able to fill out his profile with his photo, presentation and available times. Payment is received through the platform itself, without the need to charge the pet owner directly. In addition, the service is covered by insurance that includes 24-hour support and veterinary assistance, if necessary.

The remuneration depends on the city and the service offered, but the user can determine the amount charged for his work, respecting a minimum amount stipulated by the platform. For the boarding service (dog hosting), the amount charged is €20 to €30 in Dublin. For the day care service, the value varies from €12 to €25 for a maximum period of 10 hours. And for the dog walking service, the price ranges from € 12 to € 18 per hour.

Statista data shows that at least 34% of households in Ireland have at least one pet dog, which shows that the market has a lot of potential. Another report from Allianz, from 2018, showed that pet owners spend a considerable amount on their pets, so that each dog or cat costs, on average € 1250 per year between expenses with food, toys, grooming and other care.

Gudog recently joined HouseMyDog, a similar service based in Ireland, and has more than 14,000 registered dog sitters among all the cities where it operates in Europe.

Author: Pedro

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