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Quick guide to the end of the lockdown in Ireland

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On May 2, the Irish government announced a relaxation strategy on isolation measures, as the coronavirus situation is getting more under control. The plan is divided into 5 phases, starting on May 10 (phase 1) and ending on August 10 (phase 5). Here is a summary of what the next months will look like:

Phase 1 – May 10

  • Displacements within a 5km radius;
  • Meetings with up to 4 people who do not live together;
  • Opening of daycare centers for health workers;
  • Opening of outdoor spaces, such as beaches, parks and golf courses;
  • Opening of some stores (it is necessary to wait for the official list).

Phase 2 – June 8

  • Displacements within a 20km radius;
  • Receive or visit with up to 4 people;
  • Opening of libraries, open markets and small stores;
  • Return of employees to some places of work, respecting minimum distance.

Phase 3 – June 29

  • Opening of cafes and restaurants, which does not include bars and pubs;
  • Opening of daycare centers for children of essential employees;
  • Opening of playgrounds.

Phase 4 – July 20

  • Travel beyond 20km and outside the region of residence;
  • Opening of hotels and hostels, with reduced capacity;
  • Opening of barber shops and beauty salons;
  • Opening of museums, galleries, cultural spaces, churches and swimming pools;
  • Opening of daycare centers for other children, limited to 1 day per week;
  • Meetings of friends, with a reduced number of people.

Phase 5 – August 10

  • Non-resident trips to the islands;
  • Opening of pubs, nightclubs and casinos;
  • Opening of shopping malls, cinemas and theaters;
  • Opening of schools and universities;
  • Festivals and cultural events with a small number of people.

It is worth remembering that, at any time, the government may suspend the next phase, should the situation worsen again.

The government has not released plans for returning tourist trips. This includes travel to and from Ireland. It is possible that the relaxation of restrictions will begin with the United Kingdom, but more information needs to be awaited. Although some flights continue to operate, Ryanair has confirmed that most of its flights will remain suspended at least until July.

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