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Olympics: Know Ireland’s Upcoming Competitions

Ireland Olympics

The Olympics have finally started and the whole world is following this long-awaited event. As always, we have countries all over the world competing in different sports. If you are not yet aware of the upcoming competitions already scheduled in which Ireland will participate this week, check below the next dates and times they will be shown in Ireland (Dublin) and Brazil (Brasilia).

Tuesday (27/7)

men’s boxing
23:30 (Brasilia time 7/26)
3:30 am (Dublin time 27/7)
Aidan Walsh (Ireland) vs. Albert Mengue Ayissi (Cameroon)

men’s rugby
23:00 (Brasilia time 7/26)
3:00 (Dublin time 27/7)
Ireland x Kenya

Women’s Taekwondo
22:30 (Brasilia time 7/26)
2:30 (Dublin time)
Aminata Charlene Traore (Ireland) vs. Dabin Lee (South Korea)

Male Taekwondo
1:15 (Brasilia time 27/7)
5:15 (Dublin time 27/7)
Seydou Gbane (Ireland) vs Abdoul Razak Issoufou Alfaga (India)

Wednesday (28/7)

men’s boxing
00:36 (Brasilia time 7/28)
4:36 (Dublin time 7/28)
Kurt Anthony Walker (Ireland) vs Mirazizbek Mirzakhalilov (Uzbekistan)

female boxing
6:18 pm (Brasilia time 7/28)
10:18 (Dublin time 7/28)
Aoife O’Rourke (Ireland) vs. Qian Li (China)

female hockey
00:15 (Brasilia time 7/28)
4:15 (Dublin time 7/28)
Ireland x Germany

female judo
23:00 (Brasilia time 27/7)
3:00 (Dublin time 28/7)
Megan Fletcher (Ireland) vs Michaela Polleres (Austria)

Thursday (29/7)

male judo
23:00 (Brasilia time 7/28)
3:00 (Dublin time 7/29)
Benjamin Fletcher (Ireland) vs Mukhammadkarim Hurramov (Uzberkistan)

Friday (30/7)

female boxing
23:00 (Brasilia time 7/29)
3:00 (Dublin time 7/30)
Kellie Anne Harrignton (Ireland) x No opponent yet

female hockey
23:45 (Brasilia time 7/29)
3:45 (Dublin time 7/30)
Ireland x India

Saturday (31/7)

female hockey
8:45 am (Brasilia time 31/7)
12:45 (Dublin time 7/31)
Ireland x Great Britain

For now, these are the competitions scheduled for this week. Remembering that as competitions take place, more dates and times are added.

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