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New Brazilian food delivery service is launched in Dublin


Brazilians in Dublin now have a new delivery service at their disposal: BrazEats. The platform is exclusive to Brazilian restaurants, and orders can be made through the website or the application, available for Android (iOS soon).

One of the great differentials is the scope of the delivery service, which can be done within a radius of up to 16 kilometers from the center. It is also possible to pick up the order at the establishments themselves.

BrazEats also offers a loyalty program, which gives 1 point for every € 20 spent on the platform. For every 10 points accumulated, users receive € 10 to spend on new orders.

With the pandemic, the demand for delivery services has grown worldwide, but restaurants are among the businesses most affected by the crisis. The situation was an opportunity for Felipe Antunes and Monike Filetti, creators of BrazEats, to launch the project. The couple, who has lived in Dublin for four years, want to help small business owners with the digitization process.

According to Felipe, the objective is “to create a single platform so that they can sell in one place”. In this way, “it is easier for the consumer, who pays less, for them (the suppliers) and for the deliverers, who will have more work”.

Although the platform is intended for Brazilian products and services, both the website and the application are in English. The idea, according to the creators, is to offer services to people of all nationalities who like the typical flavors of Brazil, without limiting themselves to Brazilians.

Initially, there are ten restaurants registered with BrazEats – Candy Care, Mineiro Cheese Bread, Mistura Fina, Taste of Dublin Brazil, Gaucho’s Dog, B Skewers, D de Doces, Sushi Factory and Fit in Dublin. The idea is to expand the number of establishments soon, in addition to taking the service to other cities where there are large numbers of Brazilians, such as London and Lisbon.

Author: Pedro

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