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Market network could open up to 360 jobs in Ireland

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If you are looking for a job opportunity in Ireland then stay tuned, because Aldi, a supermarket multinational, announced that it intends to open up to 360 jobs this year in Ireland at a very generous pay allowance for successful candidates, at €13.85 per hour, which is a nice increase compared to other suportmarket chains, and higher than the minimum wage in Ireland of just over €11 per hour.

With this base salary, Aldi will be the first company in Ireland to offer this new living wage value, a kind of minimum wage required for people over 23 years old to have an acceptable living condition.

And the good news, for anyone looking for a job in Ireland, doesn’t stop there. The supermarket chain is expected to open eleven stores in the next five years in Dublin. The first of them, expected to be delivered in the first half of 2023, is the Adamstown unit.

The total investment of the Aldo network will be approximately €73 million in the Irish capital. It is worth remembering that, last year, the network had already hired 450 people.

If you want to know more about the available opportunities and want to apply for one of the vacancies, click here to be directed to the Aldi Ireland Hiring website.

As the network is expanding and intends to provide a better structure to the current stores, it is expected that vacancies will arise in various sectors, from cleaning to higher positions. Therefore, you can take the opportunity and stayeye on Ireland’s top job sites to find out if there isn’t a vacancy available for your profile.


Although the positions and areas of employment for which the company wants to hire have not yet been announced, you can already prepare to apply for one of the vacancies.

First, have evidence that, despite being a foreigner, you have a good level of English. Practice conversations about employment, business, inventory, selling, and trading.

Another detail you need to check is your visa stamp. We have already explained here at the different types of stamps visa and how they influence your job search. Also read our tips for get a good job in Ireland.

If you have a tourist visa, please be aware that it is not possible to apply for a job in Ireland.

Therefore, if you want a new job, or change your current one, stay tuned for these opportunities offered by the Aldi supermarket chain. Prepare your resume and train your conversation in English. Remember that the best opportunities usually come to those who are more familiar with the native language.

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