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Know your rights as a consumer in Ireland


Whenever you make a purchase, either online or at a physical store, you have rights as a consumer. In Brazil, we have Procon, a public agency that works to protect and defend these rights. In Ireland, this role is exercised by the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission , or CCPC. If the good or service you paid for does not match what was advertised, you may require replacement, repair or refund.

Know some of your main rights when making a purchase:

1) When you receive a defective or different product than the one advertised, you should contact the seller and request an exchange or money back. The seller has up to 14 days to refund the full amount, including shipping costs.

2) When buying online, you have the right to regret the purchase within 14 days after receiving the product. You will need to return the product to the seller, and you may have to bear the shipping costs. This just doesn’t apply to perishable products, personalized or made to measure.

3) If the seller does not return your money, you can contact your bank and contest the purchase (process known as chargeback ). This only applies to purchases made by credit or debit card.

4) If a product is defective, you can ask for exchange or refund , even if the store has notices like “No exchange” or ” No refunds “.

5) If you are on time to deliver by the agreed deadline, and late delivery (for example, a Christmas gift delivered after Christmas), you have the right to request a return and refund of purchase.

6) Be careful when shopping on impulse impulse in a physical store, as companies are not required to return the money if you regret the purchase.

7) Products purchased during a promotion or sale are covered by the same rights as those purchased at the normal price.

8) Stores are not required to offer tasters , and many may close them during the sale season.

9) Service providers such as barbers, pubs, cafes and restaurants should always show the prices outside , without requiring the consumer to enter the establishment to consult them.


10) If the price of a product is wrong on the shelf or in the ad, the seller may refuse to sell it.

11) There is no law that prohibits companies from increasing prices at specific times. However, when offering a discount or promotion, the original price cannot be misleading – a practice that became known as “half the double” in Brazil.

12) In the case of delayed flights , consumers are entitled to compensation or protection from the airline if the delay is longer than 2h (in the case of short flights), 3h (in the case of flights) within the EU) or 4h (in the case of other flights).

You can consult all your rights on the Consumers’ Association of website Ireland (CAI) , an NGO designed to protect consumer rights. Guidance is always to try to resolve conflicts directly with the seller or service provider. But if that is not possible, you can file a case at the small claims court . Opening the process costs € 25 and is valid for transactions with a value of up to € 2,000.

Author: Pedro

I work with digital marketing and lived in Europe for two years. I like to write about travel, business and entertainment, as well as sharing tips and advice for Brazilians living abroad.
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