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Ireland’s largest housing development to be built in Dublin and affordable rental


After almost 14 years of discussion, the project to build 597 new homes in Shankill, south of Dublin, has received authorization from the authorities and is expected to start taking shape soon. The Shanganagh housing complex will be the largest of its kind in all of Ireland, and will feature 546 apartments and 51 houses, plus 365 parking spaces and 1,300 bicycles.

Two thirds of the houses will be made available for purchase or rent at very affordable prices, through the cost rental model, where the rental amount is enough to cover construction and maintenance costs, with no profit margin – or “at cost price ”, As we call it in Brazil.

There will be suitable housing for families, couples or singles. Of the 51 houses, 21 will be two-bedroom and 30 will be three-bedroom. All houses are semi-detached and have a garden. Among the apartments, there are 99 two-bedroom units, 302 three-bedroom units, 165 one-bedroom units, and 29 studios.

The entire project is being designed to facilitate homework, which will be a trend in the coming years. In addition, the place will have daycare, cafes, shops, gym, playgrounds and living spaces available to residents.

The site will be about a 10-minute walk from the future DART Woodbrook station, 10 miles from Dublin city center. Construction is expected to begin in the first half of 2021, and the first houses are expected to be ready in 2023, if all goes well.

This is great news for Dublin, which is facing a series of housing crises, with one of the most expensive rents in Europe. Dublin residents spend, on average, half of their income on rent, and rising prices do not seem to show any relief.

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