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Ireland launch the worlds first digital stamp

Digital Stamps Ireland

An Post, Ireland’s national postal service, has announced a world’s first digital stamp service! No longer will you need to go to the post office or licensed shop in order to buy a stamp and to get your letter or parcel delivered in Ireland. You can now buy a digital stamp online, add the stamp reference number and simply post! 

The organisation said the new service marks a “major digital advancement” in postal services, and provides next day delivery throughout Ireland. 

Each stamp costs €2 for regular envelopes, which is a significant increase on regular stamps, which cost €1.25.

The digital stamps can be purchased using the An Post app, available for Android or IOS phones. Once a stamp is purchased users can simply write down their stamps 12 digit code provided by the app, in the position where a traditional stamp would normally be attached. 

Along with a 1 day national delivery pledge An Post stated that email, app or sms confirmation of their parcel or envelope is included.

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