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Immigrants face higher unemployment rate in Ireland, even with better qualifications


A new study published by the Economic and Social Research Institute (ESRI) reveals that immigrants in Ireland are more likely to be unemployed, even though they have better qualifications than native competitors. The study is based on data on immigrants from more than 100 countries collected during the last census, in 2016.

The results reveal a reality already known to many foreigners in Ireland. Although some groups are better educated than the Irish themselves, the difficulty of finding a decent job is much greater.

Unemployment is even more evident among African and black immigrants. One of the main reasons is the fact that many enter the country through programs of refuge or political asylum, long and stressful processes that hinder the entry into the labor market.

Workers from other European Union countries, on the other hand, are those who face the lowest unemployment rate among foreigners, despite having less qualified positions. This is mainly because most immigrants from outside the EU need a qualified job to obtain a work visa in Ireland, which is not the case for Europeans.

The study also shows that better educated immigrants with the ability to speak English are more likely to hold senior positions. For Frances McGinnity, the study’s author, this highlights the importance of recognizing qualifications obtained abroad to enter the Irish labor market.

The complete study can be downloaded through this link.

Author: Pedro

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