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IKEA offers breakfast for just €1 in Dublin

ikea Dublin

While it’s common to find cheap breakfasts in Dublin, none will compare to this one. The furniture store IKEA has reduced the price of its traditional breakfast from €3.25 to just one euro.

This special breakfast offer lasts until March 27, and can be purchased from Monday to Friday, from 9:30 am to 11:00 am. No registration is required to take advantage of the promotion, and whoever has a store card can avail of a free coffee or tea.

Breakfast includes six items: bacon, sausage, omelet, potatoes, grilled tomatoes and beans. There is also a vegetarian option available, which replaces bacon and sausage with vegetarian sausage and mushrooms.

To get to IKEA, which is based in Ballymun you can get there with buses 13, 140 and 155. The downside is that the ticket price is three times the price of the meal, but if you are planning to shop on Ikea, this is a great opportunity.

The IKEA restaurant also offers other affordable meals for those who are members of the IKEA Family, the store’s free loyalty program. These are some of the promotions:

  • Vegetarian dish + dessert + drink for € 6;
  • Two dishes (salmon fillet, meatballs or vegetarian meatballs) + dessert for € 12;
  • Chicken and mushroom puff served with cherovia (a kind of carrot), broccoli and vegetarian sauce for € 4.95;
  • Sweet potato pie served with chestnut butter and salad for € 3.95;
  • Biryani, typical Indian rice, prepared with cauliflower, cashews, peppers and green beans for € 4.25.

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