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How to travel to France from Ireland by boat

Ferry Ireland to France
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Many international students who go to Ireland, which include a large number of Brazilians, don’t consider or are unaware of the possibility of traveling to France by ferry. Traveling by ferry can be an enjoyable experience, especially for those who haven’t experienced this type of transport previously. With that we’ve added some information that may be useful for those considering such a trip. 

What are the routes to/from Ireland to France?

There are three different departing ports where you can travel to France from in Ireland, Dublin, Cork and Rosslare, Co. Wexford. The destinations in France are either Roscoff or Cherbourg. 

  • Cork – Roscoff  
  • Dublin – Cherbourg
  • Rosslare – Roscoff
  • Rosslare – Cherbourg

How long does it take?

The journey takes anywhere from 11 hours to 19 hours, depending on both the route and the ferry or type of ferry taken, with the larger ships typically taking longer.

If I don’t have a car can I take the ferry?

Absolutely! Travel by ferry isn’t only for those with vehicles. The journey itself can be enjoyable, with the ferries usually having various amenities and cafes, bars and/or restaurants. Getting a cabin to sleep in is also a great experience/ 

Alternatively, for those who do decide to take their car it can be great for a weekend getaway, while loading up on wine and cheese, which tends to cost a lot less. Taking the car will also allow you to travel through continental Europe at your own leisurely pace, starting off in Paris, just a few hours east from either Roscoff or Cherbourg.  

What are the advantages of traveling by ferry?

Traveling by ferry allows you to sail the Irish sea in safety, while giving you an experience on board a ferry which typically features a car, restaurant and cafe, movie room or theater and other amenities. 

There are also cabins available for use, at an additional cost, should you prefer to rest throughout the journey.

If you decide to take a car with you then you don’t need to worry about any excessive baggage charges, and you can take as much carry on board as your vehicle can contain! 

While traveling by ferry does take a lot longer than plane travel, it can make for a unique and often enjoyable experience. 

How much does it cost, and where can I book?

If you’re traveling by foot, without a vehicle, it can cost anywhere from 50 – 80 Euros per journey one way. For vehicles a standard car costs between 150 and 300 Euros each way, depending on the time of the year. The earlier you book the more likely you are to find a good deal. Note also that many of the ferry companies have regular special offers where the prices are significantly reduced. 

Where can I book?

You can book directly on the ferry companies websites, below:

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