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How to get a good job in Ireland?

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If you want to do an exchange to study English, or want to experience working outside Brazil, Ireland is one of the best places for you to get that unique experience. Check out these tips for getting a job in Ireland.

We have already published an article here on the site talking about the strong presence of multinationals in Ireland. The country attracts skilled labor, so looking for a job in the country is a great opportunity to get a better quality of life.

Even though competition for the best vacancies is strong, you can look for less competitive vacancies and improve yourself over time, through courses, to try more profitable jobs.

Is working in Ireland worth it?

The minimum wage in Ireland is currently €10 an hour. Therefore, even if you are in student status, which allows you to work only 25 hours a week, this is already enough to guarantee you around € 1000 a month. 

Living a simple life, you can live with a cost of living around €700 to €1000 per month. It is worth mentioning that, if you live in another city, other than Dublin, this cost of living may be less.

Anyway, realize that even with a job that pays you the minimum wage, you can live with dignity in Ireland. So make an effort to learn English better, read a lot and talk to natives, so you develop the language, which can guarantee you better jobs.

The country has an economic stability that favors workers who want to stay in the country for a long time. However, to be able to work in Ireland legally, you need to obtain a Stamp 1, 2 or 4 visa.

As an immigrant, you are most likely to start with jobs such as cleaning, babysitting and housekeeping. If your English is intermediate or advanced, then you can apply for clerk or receptionist jobs, for example, guaranteeing better earnings.

If you obtain technical knowledge, such as a chef, accounting or information technology, for example, it is obvious that you can try for a job in these areas, but it is important to have a good level of English.

If you have a diploma in Brazil, the ideal thing is that you validate the document through the QQI (Quality and Qualifications Ireland) service. You will need:

  • Copy of diploma 
  • Copy of graduation documents, in case of post-graduation;
  • Diploma translated and sworn in English (there are online platforms for this)
  • Copy of school transcript and sworn translation, including (in each document) subjects taken and grades
  • Document proving name change, in case you changed your name after receiving the diploma
  • Form completed application

Try to obtain fluency certificates with international recognition, such as:

  • TIE (Test of Interactive English);
  • TOEIC (Test of English for International Communication);
  • ETAPP (English Test for Academic and Professional Purposes).

To learn more about the advantages of working in Ireland, read our article on the best jobs for Brazilians in Ireland.

Take advantage of opportunities, pursue documentation and invest in your dream of working abroad. Even if you return to Brazil one day, your international experience will make a lot of difference in your resume. So, do not waste time and plan now.

Author: Thiago

I moved to Ireland 2012. I work as a business administrator and travel a lot to Europe with my work. I enjoy writing and athletics during my vacation and try to visit friends and family every year in Brazil.
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