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Check out which are the best department stores in Ireland

Department Stores in Ireland

Christmas is coming and we all want to buy gifts. Gifts for friends and family. However, when we are abroad and need to buy something, we are always in doubt about the best place to buy what we need. Department stores are an excellent alternative, as they offer a wide variety of products at affordable prices.

Therefore, if you are in Ireland for an exchange program, or for tourism, and you need to make a purchase that was not foreseen, such as an extra coat, or an extra shoe, then shopping at one of these department stores is the solution.

Dublin, in addition to very good local shops, also has some department stores that are worth visiting. If you like the commercial establishments known as department stores, then check it out.

In general, department stores are large businesses that sell products that sell on a large scale, such as clothing, electrical products or toys, for example. Therefore, they are a great option for those who want to buy different types of products without wasting time going from store to store. In addition, the single payment, such as a single purchase, facilitates the buying and selling process.

Ireland has some good department stores, some of them linked to the same Brown Thomas chain, so you might notice that some prices are very similar.

So, if you want to do some shopping on a budget, check out the best options for department stores in Ireland.


Without a doubt, when it comes to department stores in Ireland, Arnotts is the first memory of the Irish. The largest and oldest store of its kind in Ireland has around 300,000 square meters, where you can buy almost anything. 

In addition to clothes, you can purchase home products, electronics, office furniture, beauty products or toys, for example.

For those arriving in Ireland to spend a few weeks, or even those who are going to live on the Emerald Isle, Arnotts is an excellent alternative for furnishing your home and buying the essential appliances for your first home.

Prices are very affordable and the store is charming, with constantly updated decor. Another aspect highly praised by customers is the after-sales service. For more information, visit the official Arnotts website.

Address – 12 Henry St, North City, Dublin, D01 C3Y9

Dunnes Store

The Dunnes Store is a store with several stores spread across Ireland and Northern Ireland. By the way, there are around 134 stores adding these countries and Spain, where the store also has branches.

Here you can even buy food at affordable prices. There are grocery products, such as cheese, bread, rice, biscuits, as well as fresh, organic and vegan products, to take away or consume immediately.

For some Irish people, Dunnes is also a good choice for buying appliances. Therefore, if you want to buy good products for your home, or even to take to Brazil, here you can find some good options.

To find a Dunnes Store near you, visit the official Dunnes website. In Dublin, the most visited store is in the Blanchardstown Mall.

Brown Thomas

With several stores across Ireland, Brown Thomas is also a recommended store for you to buy clothes, lingerie, accessories, electronics, bags, furniture and household items and much more.

Here you can find well-known brands such as Chloe, Louis Vuitton, Channel or Apple, as well as products from unknown brands, sold at a good price. Good for tourists who want to save a little. If you want to buy a more elegant product or a more recognizable brand, then perhaps this is the best option in Ireland.

To see the address of all Brown Thomas stores across Ireland, visit the official website of the store.

Happy shopping

Now that you know which are the best department stores in Ireland, you just have to program yourself to make good choices, spending little on good quality products. Choose the right gift and Merry Christmas!

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