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How to find a local tour guide in Dublin

Tour Guide in Dubli n

If you’re planning on visiting Dublin, and you’d like to get to know the city more you may wish to consider using a local tour guide. A local tour guide in Dublin can answer your many questions about the city, direct you to hidden gems, and provide food and places to visit recommendations. 

Luckily in the modern era it’s easier than ever to find a local tour guide in Dublin, or any of the other Irish cities. In order to assist you with your search we’ve made the process easy, by listing and providing some of the different methods, which you’ll find below:

Book a tour guide through an online booking website

You’ll find many walking tours of Dublin on various booking websites, many of which display both group and private walking tour experiences. 

Attend a free walking tour

Walking tours are a great way to get fit while learning all about what the city has to offer. The below are some of the more popular free established walking tours. In most case there is no pre booking required, just turn up at the designated starting point, and tour! 

Note that while they are advertised as free a tip is always expected, and this is usually mentioned before the tour starts. 

Use an app to find a local tour guide in Dublin

There are plenty of apps you can use to find a local tour guide or someone to give you tips or advice before visiting Dublin. Some of the more popular ones include the below:

So if you’re planning to visit Dubin anything soon we hope you find the information above useful.

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