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First virtual pub opens in Ireland

virtual pub

More than a third of the world’s population is quarantined. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, many places of socialization were forced to close indefinitely, including pubs and bars.

As a solution, a group of professionals from Ireland created an online platform that mimics the experience of going to a pub, but in a virtual way. is considered the world’s first virtual Irish pub. The site uses videoconferencing so that friends can meet for a pint or two from the comfort of their homes.

Okay, that was already possible through other apps, like Zoom, Hangouts or even WhatsApp, but the service also offers a platform to meet new people or find a “date” during these difficult times.

In addition, there are games that can be played in groups, and a schedule with live entertainment from the coming weeks. There are also plans for theme nights, quiz rounds and other interactive features in the future.

The platform is 100% Irish and free. When accessing the site, you will have the option to meet your friends at a “reserved table”, or stay on the “track”, where you can make new friends.

Since there are no prospects for pubs to open before 2021, this site will be welcome. After all, as Sebastien Conway, co-founder of, said, “practicing social detachment does not mean being anti-social”.

Author: Pedro

I work with digital marketing and lived in Europe for two years. I like to write about travel, business and entertainment, as well as sharing tips and advice for Brazilians living abroad.
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