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English School in Ireland to Offer 100 Scholarships to Brazilians

seda college dublin

On Thursday, April 1, 2021, the English school SEDA College opened applications for scholarships that were created specifically for Brazilians. The program is called SEDA dream, one of the first of it’s kind.

We know that nowadays English is an essential language for all people who want to have the best jobs, grow in a multinational, travel anywhere in the world and even other small details of everyday life.

In Brazil, the demand for language learning has increased more and more, and although access to learning is increasingly accessible for various reasons, the lack of constant practice and experience with the language can still be an obstacle to improve knowledge.

The incredible opportunity the school is offering includes:

  •  100 scholarships
  •  The equivalent of R $ 15,000.00 to study in Dublin

Note: 10 of the scholarships will cover the full amount and 90 only the partial amount.

What is required to participate?

  • The cost to participate is R $ 97
  • After paying the fee, participants who register will be able to start studying English for up to 3 months through a platform
  • During that time the enrollee has access to 60 English courses at any level
  • With the content available, the participant is able to train for the next steps

What are the steps?

First stage: It will take place on the 24th and 25th of April, will consist of two tests, one in English and the second on general knowledge of Ireland

Second stage: It will take place on the 1st and 2nd of May and will consist only of a logic test and others on SEDA college

How will the participant be assessed?

The total obtained in the general knowledge test together with that of the second stage will define the amount of the discount that the registrant will get, up to 50% of the cost.

The English test will not be a decisive element, just a reference to be able to level the student in question.

Candidates who complete all 4 evaluations are automatically competing for scholarships, with the final answer on May 5, and of course, if they get the vacancy they can already enroll.

According to the CEO of SEDA College Online, the objective is for Brazilians to be able to progress in their professions by living an experience abroad and obtaining knowledge of a new language.

Something important to remember is that due to the current situation of the pandemic, the chosen candidates will be able to postpone the trip for up to 1 year if necessary.

What are the requirements to participate?

  • Applicants must be at least 18 years old

Registration will be open until April 15th on the school’s website below:

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