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Dublin hosts free French food festival in early June

Food Festival Dublin

Who doesn’t like to enjoy good food? If you want to experience new flavors, textures, aromas and gastronomic sensations, then you need to participate in the French food festival, which will take place on June 3, 2023 in Dublin.

The Normandy Food Tour will arrive in Ireland on Saturday, temporarily settling in St. Patrick’s Park in Dublin. The festival, organized by the Normandy Tourist Board, aims to highlight the region’s best food, drink and music to Irish audiences in Normandy-influenced venues.

Normandy food trucks will be present in large numbers, serving delicious sweet and savory dishes, with tastings available. Expect to find flavors like Normandy beef and creamy Camembert cheese on a soft bun from Chez l’Couz, traditional French crepes from Grignot’Malin, plus fresh brioches topped with delicacies from Normandy.

Some of the things Dublin’s foodies will be able to try are traditional French crepes stuffed with cheese and more, fresh brioche buns topped with delicacies from Normandy, and fine meat with creamy Camembert and Neufchatel cheese served on a soft bun.

There will also be a selection of Normandy sweets including Cara-Meuh cakes, La Maison Du Biscuit, Jeannette Madeleines, Caramel De Pommes Dieppois (an apple pastry) and much more. Cheese lovers will enjoy a tasting with classics such as Camembert, Neufchatel and Isigny Mimolette, the latter voted the best cheese in the world this year.

Much more than food

For beer enthusiasts, traditional beers will be offered as well as apple brandies from Chateau du Breuil and Busnel, authentic Normandy cocktails from vintage La Mont Vinette and a cider tasting experience with Cidrerie de la Brique.

In addition to food and drink vendors, the Normandy Tourist Board will be present, seeking to strengthen Norman historical connections and share the cultural heritage available in the picturesque French region.

To complete the celebrations, visitors to each of the stops on the food tour will be entertained by French indie rock band For the Hackers, who will be performing for the first time in Ireland. Coming from Normandy, these musicians will play on top of their solar-powered bus.

After passing through Dublin, the Food Festival of Normandy will head to Cathedral Square in Waterford and New Ross Quayside in Wexford to continue the celebrations. For more information on individual vendors and the festival in general, visit theNormandy Tourism website.

Dates and locations:

  • June 3rd – St. Patrick’s Park, Dublin, from 12pm to 7pm
  • 4th June – Cathedral Square, Waterford, 12pm to 7pm
  • June 5 – New Ross Quayside, Wexford, 11am to 6pm

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