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Dublin gets public bike with great cargo capacity

ecargo bikes dublin

Public transport in Dublin and the region has recently gained a new way of getting around, through eCargo bicycles, a new bicycle model for public use with an attached box for transporting objects.

In early May, eCargo bicycle service was launched at the Mountview Community Center. The eCargo bikes are pedal-powered battery-assisted bike, which have a large box with a lid and a load capacity of 350 liters. It is suitable for transporting items such as sports equipment, small furniture or a large amount of grocery shopping.

The maintenance and reservation of the service is provided by the provider company Bleeper. Company boss Hugh Cooney said cargo bikes offer a convenient and affordable alternative to using cars for many people. He added that the eCargo bikes are light, easy to maneuver and take advantage of the latest technology. Choosing to ride a bike instead of a car can be a healthy and eco-friendly choice.

The bike is stored in a “bike bunker” at the Mountview Community Center and can be unlocked for a small fee of €3, which covers 120 minutes of use. After 120 minutes, a fee of €0.05 per minute is charged. At the end of the trip, the eCargo bicycle must be returned to its original location.

Those wanting to rent the eCargo bike need to download the Bleeper app and create an account. Only users 18+ can create an account and they also need to download the EVVA Airkey app which will allow them to use the NFC Reader with their phones.

David Storey of Fingal County Council believes that cargo bikes can provide the convenience and capability that non-drivers have traditionally struggled with. He also stated that he believes that active travel services such as the eCargo bicycle can bridge the gap that people can experience without a motor vehicle and ease the transition to active travel. Additionally, he noted that fewer young people are learning to drive or choosing to own a car.

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