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Covid-19: Brazilian Embassy offers guidance for brazilians in Ireland

Embassy of Brazil

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Brazil created a form for Brazilians who are abroad and need help during the Covid-19 pandemic. The applicant must inform his personal data and his current situation.

For emergencies, Brazilians in Ireland or any other European country can contact us by phone +55 (61) 98260-0787.

The Brazilian Embassy in Dublin continues to function, but public service is restricted to urgent cases, from 10 am to 1 pm. The Embassy asks not to bring elderly people and children to the place. In addition, passport applications must be made through the post office, except in emergency cases.

To Brazilians who have visas nearing expiration, the Irish government has announced the temporary extension of all visas that expire between March 20 and May 20 for another two months. The immigration service at Burgh Quay, Dublin, as well as all other visa renewal posts are temporarily closed. Anyone who had an appointment before May 20 will be contacted by the immigration service in the coming weeks.

For Brazilians who had canceled return flights to Brazil, the Embassy recommends contacting the airlines to reschedule the travel date, as there are still no restrictions on leaving the country. Likewise, Brazil does not yet impose restrictions on the entry of flights from any country in the world.

To Brazilians who work in Ireland and have lost their job or have had their workload reduced due to the crisis, the Irish government is offering a weekly benefit of € 203 for six weeks. The benefit applies to people aged 18 to 66, including students and Visa 2 and Stamp 4 visa holders. Information on how to apply for the benefit is available on this website.
Brazilians who have to be quarantined for medical instruction will be entitled to a sick leave of € 305 per week for two weeks. Patients diagnosed with the virus will be entitled to payment of the benefit during the entire period of absence. More information is available on this website.

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